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Anonymous asked: same anon here! THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW!!!! OMG

I know, right? It felt like my life gained meaning again.

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Anonymous asked: helloooo i was just wondering what your "thank god its really starting again" comment on the touou epilogue meant? did you mean the anime?

Oh no, the manga! There was a statement released that Fujimaki would continue the story with a sequel series to KuroBasu starting December a week or so ago, but that was just a statement and I was in paranoia that it was too good to be true because I was left such a wreck after KuroBasu supposedly ended. But on THIS manga page, which Fujimaki himself drew, there was that part at the end where it said that story will continue at the end of this year. So, there’s actual concrete proof for myself from Fujimaki himself that KuroBasu is returning!